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Support for Universal Print by Microsoft

Users1 can now print from anywhere with Universal Print, the Microsoft cloud-based print solution, eliminating print servers and the need to install printer drivers.

Customers with Enterprise Windows or Microsoft 365 subscriptions can now easy easily print to compatible FUJIFILM printers using Universal Print feature, whether they are in the office, at home or on the go. People only need an internet connection and authenticate to Azure AD, to be able to print. The network traffic will be protected, using secure HTTPS protocol. There is no need to install the corresponding printer driver for the FUJIFILM printers on the user’s device for people to print to the nearest accessible printer right away.

The compatible printers from FUJIFILM Business Innovation support user authentication with Azure AD so people can use Universal Print to print safely without exposing their documents to other users. Documents are stored on the printer’s storage and are released by the user, thanks to the ‘Private Print’ feature of FUJIFILM Universal Print ready printers.

This enables people to print easily in any place (including distant location outside of the usual workplace or printto a printer at the destination), after submitting a print job from their office in advance. Printer administrators can centrally manage their organization's printers from the Universal Print portal, significantly reducing the effort involved in managing multiple printers.

Private print is possible in the Universal Print environment

Private print is possible in the Universal Print environment

Color multifunction devices:
  • Apeos C8180 / C7580 / C6580(Controller software version 1.1.4 or later)
  • Apeos C7070 / C6570 / C5570 /C4570 / C3570 / C3070(Controller software version 1.1.5 or later)
  • Apeos C3060 / C2560 / C2060
  • Apeos C5240
Monochrome multifunction devices:
  • Apeos 5570 / 4570
  • Apeos 3560 / 3060 / 2560
  • Apeos 6340
Color printer:
  • ApeosPrint C5240
Monochrome printer:
  • ApeosPrint 6340